Friday, August 26, 2016

Drawings of Birds

We are experiencing a most humid and extended canicule. It's hard to remain motivated and our febrile brains boil in their sun-baked containers. There have been a few respites here and there but it is one of the hottest Summers in recorded time. Water still flows over the dam though, despite the drought, and ducks, geese and sandpipers have converted this place into their parade ground.

The swans keep their distance however. Great Blue Herons soar overhead en route to quieter corners. A kingfisher purposefully dashes about in contrast to the indulgent infighting of the noisy mallards. Interestingly, a small noisy tribe of goldfinches has taken to foraging in the exposed river bed.

I wonder what September will bring?

Canada Goose
ink, colored pencil
Mallards before the dam
ink, pencil
Two Ducks, rain
charcoal, ink
Trees rise up behind two mallards on top of the dam.
ink, charcoal

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