Monday, May 14, 2012

A Prince of a Frog


Mother's Day Bullfrog
May 13, 2012
conté pencil
Early Sunday morning: The South Natick Dam has been quiet so far this spring. I've seen a few pairs of mallards; they visit and then move on. The fishermen and fishing families are out so I guess there are fish in the river. The Great Blue herons have no predictable hunting pattern yet as far as I can tell. But the trees are all leafed out and small birds are making their nests and the place is rather noisy with all their flitting and chasing. The yellow irises are blooming along the retaining wall above the dam. And that is where I spied this patient bullfrog yesterday morning. This being Massachusetts, perhaps he waited, in vain, for me to kiss him and thus be transformed. Sorry Monsieur Frog, one miraculous transformation is all you get!

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