Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seeing God

"La Quinta"
10 January 2015
Out of respect for the passionate, loving people on both sides of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, I have been mostly silent. I know which side I support of course (Je suis Charlie!) but I've always felt that I create an image of the face of God (not the Prophet, I am not Muslim) whenever I make a picture of what is in front of me.

So here you see a banal image of a banal scene: a hotel lobby at 6:00 in the morning. I try to approach this with the same open mind and care that I have when I draw the river back in South Natick.  Because I am a seeing and scribing instrument, the subject doesn't really matter. What matters is the time spent and the attitude during those moments of attention. Some call it prayer. Some call it listening. I call it Art.

Art shows us a facet of the place where our minds meet whatever is outside of the mind. God is in that place and therefore God is in this lamp and in this banality. Since God is there, the moment is sacred and Life is sacred and Life is an Art of recognizing sacredness (unlike the murderers in Paris). The questioning mind is a seeking, scribing instrument used by Creation to find language to create and praise itself. In this way, "blasphemy" could be seen as an form of Love and engagement. It could suggest an ultimate and intimate cry to God to descend from a human-created throne to dwell among a marvelous, many-faceted and intelligent Creation. 


  1. Written with the same insight and sensitivity you bring to your art. Thanks for those reflections. And you DO infuse a hotel lobby with the kind of joy of life we would only expect to find in a place like the riverbanks you depict so beautifully.

  2. Thank you very much David. What I lack in skill I try to support with intent :-/

  3. I can feel myself in a similar state of gratitude when I'm drawing, especially scenes in the Nature. I can place a kind of spirituality here, but without any idea from a God ; what I see is my creation, because it's my own interpretation, not from someone else called God. Thank you for this post, the way where it turns in myself and your peaceful sketch (and sorry for my doggy english).

  4. Merci Anaïs. We are kindred spirits. Bonne année à toi.


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