Monday, November 2, 2015

Winter blues

Great Blue Heron
Some rain has filled up the river again and there is a swift current below the dam. In a sunny corner, early in the morning, hidden from the casual visitor's view, a heron fishes at the base of a wall. I'm on top of the wall about 8 feet away. The water makes a lot of noise so I can spy on Mr. Heron and draw a top down view without being detected. He stays still for many minutes. I was able to do two drawings before my fingers got too cold.

Great Blue Heron

Here's a view of the dam from a different angle. I did this in oil pastel a few days before the heron drawings. I'm trying to get use to the fact that Winter is on its way and wildlife will become scarce. Until then, I'll draw whatever I can find.

detail of the fish ladder

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