Monday, December 14, 2015

Pleasant Street Bridge

The Pleasant Street Bridge (or Eliot Bridge) is part of the South Natick motif that I visit on a regular basis. This, and other local geometry provide me with enough interesting angles and vantage points to keep my curiosity going. There's an engraved stone on one end of the bridge that commemorates the wise people who donated the land to the town for a park:
"The plaque on the south end of the river states that in 1934, eight acres were donated by descendants of Isabella Pratt Shaw to the town of Natick. The South Natick Dam was built in 1933, and, since the plaque is embedded in the bridge, it is a reasonable assumption to make that the bridge was built in 1934." --source
A bridge of one sort or another has existed here for centuries. Bridges are little noticed until they fail or need maintenance. This one sustains an ever expanding river of morning and evening commuters. When the noise of the cars disturbs me, I try to head out earlier in the day or closer to the roar of the river as it flows over the dam.

One final thought, the river has been somewhat low this Summer and Fall. But in years past, I have seen the river in flood when the water level was almost touching the tops of the arches!

A view from the upstream side: there's a quiet pool away from the main channel. I've seen a fox, raccoon, herons and ducks back in here.

This view is from the downstream side of the bridge. You can just make out some jottings in the central arch: the island and the dam are visible.
A view looking downstream from above the dam. The trees that grow on the island are reflected in the calm water formed by the dam.
The river flowing under the bridge
Rocks in shadow below the bridge

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  1. Dear Rob,
    Sometimes I envy you, so many animals on the way, so there is much to see in your landscape. I think , drawers see more than other people, I realize that often, when I'm traveling with others. In our little garden now in winter many birds and I have build with my daughter Pauline 9 years old, a feed box for squirrels and hung in the garden. So far, no squirrel was still there, but let's see, maybe there is snow someday, and then they come. Dear Rob, I still admire what you doing, drawing outside, almost every day, looking at the world , and life with great love. If we will not write each other before christmas: Happy christmas and a happy new year for you and your family. Best wishes.


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