Monday, May 24, 2010

Staying focused

So many delicious and disastrous distractions in life!  Amidst the swirl, I observed this turtle the other morning. This was just above the dam where that heron was hunting a few days before. I watched it for ten or fifteen minutes as I drew these yellow flag irises. Finally, it wriggled down into the slime and was gone from my sight.

It takes some doing but sometimes the ONLY way to get one foot to follow the other (and to not be stuck) is to draw what is exactly in front of you. In the process, you leave the labyrinth of the mind and its imaginings which get replaced by sensory input from the world. It's a vital fact of my artistic life that I am constantly searching for a growing edge while at the same time, I'm cultivating and enlarging the ground I've already claimed. It's good to take notes of things that are stimulating and beautiful.

Below is a view of nearby Lake Waban I did in my sketchbook a week or two ago. It's another early morning haunt: I walk Ellen to the school bus then head the other way toward Wellesley College and the lake. It takes about 15-20 minutes and then, presto! There's this beautiful lake with a walking path that goes around and a great place to get a cup of coffee about halfway around.

Lake Waban

farm animals

a view of the South Natick Dam

another view of Lake Waban: anchored sailboats and a fisherman's bobber stuck in a tree.

I need to get to work now. Enough of this "tripping through reality" as captured in my sketchbook!

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