Monday, January 29, 2018

The Dating Habits of Hawks

I can't say I've ever seen three Red Tail Hawks perching together. Usually they are solo. Occasionally a pair perch or soar around the sky. They must have some family planning plans.

In 2012 I saw a pair on the steeple of the Congregational Church in Wellesley (scroll down to the last picture). Maybe it's my fuzzy memory or simply bad drawing skills but they seemed to overpower the delicate spire and weather vane. But I guess the take-home lesson from this sermon is to be fully at home in whatever preposterous situation you're in. I can imagine that "he" said "Hey, let's hang out at my place. The views are good and there are mice in the graveyard next to the church." "She" was intrigued by his suave demeanor and expensive plumage (this was Wellesley after all!). But, yeah, the accomodations were a little tight (and the mice were safely asleep in their burrows that afternoon) --and, perhaps for a little while, that suited her just fine.

Red Tail Hawk
charcoal, ink
Red Tail Hawk
charcoal, ink
Red Tail Hawk
charcoal, chalk

colored pencil
Two Hawks
Two Hawks on a church spire, Wellesley MA


  1. Dear Rob, I posted something today and thought of you. This post is about cutting pollard willows and drawing and the beauty of the world and maybe the artists, the writers, the musicians, the dancers, the painters and draftsmen should do the work in the garden, because only we can see the beauty of simple things and point it out to other people, with simple means, paper and pens, brush and ink. I thought of you, as I said, when writing and would wish that you could read this on occasion and have a look. I would be very happy. Can you read it with the google translater?

    1. Hi Klaus. Thank you for thinking of me. The feeling is mutual because I often think of you and your pure and comprehensive views of art and artmaking.

      Your comments above remind me a bit of the artists Hundertwasser and Gaudi… visionaries, utopians …but still rooted in making things. Thank goodness for the making of things (pollard trees!) --by hand (no "Undo" button!). Perhaps, because of our properly scaled inquiries, one day there might be less violence and war.
      These are the views of a person who, today, feels slightly old.

  2. Maybe less war and violence in my heart, in my mind, yes certainly. Thanks for looking at the post, Rob, if I could make you feel younger, how many years would you like to feel younger?


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