Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Snow

cell phone snapshots at dusk of a small forest near my house
We have had a blizzard today. 15+ inches of snow has fallen and the kids will be home from school tomorrow too.
My wife and I took a walk down to the nearby South Natick dam, a place I've done a lot of drawing, after the worst of the storm had passed. I wish I'd had my sketchbook with me; during the summer, there were ducks, geese and herons to draw. Now that autumn and winter are here, the place has been devoid of waterfowl. But with all the snow today, the place was almost teeming with geese and mallards.
Of course, this is not very interesting to most people but to me it helps round the whole developing story out a bit.
I'll try to get out in the morning and sketch this scene
mallards on the ice above the dam

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