Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Before I go to work

a foggy morning at Elm Bank
Before I go to work (today, the Library to have some uncluttered time and space to develop several children's book proposals) I take a walk and draw a few things. Just me in the fog, flexing my imagination and fingers; trying to capture something. Grist for the omnivorous mill that is an artist's lot in life. I try to do this everyday.
There's so much happening in the Spring. I did slow myself down for a few minutes to draw the "Camperdown Oak" at the Cheney-Baltzell mansion at Elm Bank.

a cell phone pic of the oak. The myth is that after a  gardener grafted tree roots on top of the trunk, the roots were forced to function like branches. There's no doubt a life lesson in this fable of adaptation.

art and nature

reflections of trees

Crassula sp.? "Hens and chicks"

maple flowers and fog jewels

this might be "Butter and Eggs" a member of the Scrophulareacea or "Snapdragon" family.

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