Friday, June 17, 2011

River Logs

"River Logs" April 2011 graphite
There's a place in Elm Bank where the Charles River has been eroding a part of the river bank that was distinguished by a group of tall trees. Over time, the bank has been undermined and one-by-one, the trees have tumbled into the water. They remind me of the ribs of giant whale.

Maybe in the not so distant future they will find their way to the harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. Where to then? Cape Anne? Cape Cod? The Emerald Isle? Maybe someone or something will hitch a ride or a sail on these once rooted sentinels and find a new fair purpose for their wooden bodies! May we all venture out, Imperialists at heart, and explore and maybe even colonize new shores! Have a good weekend. I hope you get outside and experience Nature firsthand!


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