Friday, July 15, 2011

Bastille Day 2011

A small group of Canada Geese were feeding in the calm waters above the dam yesterday. I settled in and tried to draw their portraits. There were seven geese in total but I can't remember offhand how many were adults and how many were  part of this summer's brood. The young have much of their adult plumage but they still look a little soft and almost "unfinished".  They are also smaller. The more mature birds seemed to be on guard a bit more too — but I might be just imagining this.

The geese dabbled and dithered
Bastille Day 2011
Three Geese atop the dam, 14 July 2011
Later, they sailed off to the top of the dam for some grooming and a little drying out. The hot weather had broken during the previous night and it was breezy and bright and delightful. Little clouds of foam boiled and floated at the bottom of the cascade. The geese went back to dabbling and later circled back to the top of the spillway and I went back home to work.

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