Sunday, July 17, 2011


07-16-11 Lake Waban, carbon pencil
This is a view of the Hunnewell Pinetum (in my house, we call it "Swirlyland") from Tupelo Point on the Wellesley College campus. The body of water is named Lake Waban. Tupelo Point doesn't have a lot to recommend it although it is a famous Wellesley landmark of dubious repute. A family of swans has taken to nesting there and they are messy birds. Feathers and less-poetic swan memorabilia are everywhere --so watch your step if you try to join some students for midnight al fresco entertainments.

I balanced precariously on a small boulder perilously close to the lapping waters to draw this. But the weather was gorgeous and the water was warm. I was amused by a group of boisterous young Danes visiting this country who decided to take a swim (not allowed by the college police). The young men added a boisterous Scandinavian charm to the afternoon. If I were Karl Larssen, I would have persuaded them to model for me and it'd be just like the Garden of Eden …again. Heaven on Earth.
Say "Hello!" to Summer… again!


  1. Swirly land looks perfect, I would be swimming too

  2. It's very hot today Hazel! Maybe I'll get over there after dinner.


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