Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Petit Dejeuner

Two mallards having a small meal
21 Nov. 2011
china marker on paper
There were more ducks in this group. I only drew two of them as they dabbled in the shallow water. I was sitting at a viewing platform at Broadmoor Audubon Sanctuary and the wetland was full of activity. At one point, another male dropped out of the sky and joined the boisterous group. A pair of Canada geese kept their distance.


  1. great sketches! I really like the looseness and texture! :)

  2. Thank you Nicholas. I drew this with a "China Marker". It's a pencil/crayon (made by the Sharpie company). The formula for the wax seems to have changed over the years: these are a little dry and scratchy so if you notice, it's possible to bring out a different paper texture as you draw. It's a waxy tool with hints of charcoal in it's personality.
    I sound like a wine merchant no?! Good luck with your drawing!


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