Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Canada Geese preening themselves on top of the dam

note: as I started to draw this morning, a view of some ducks through one of the arches of the Pleasant Street Bridge, a small raccoon came down to the river's edge to see what was going on. Don't bother looking for him; I'm not that clever: He's not in this drawing. If he was, he'd be on that flat boulder just to the right of the arch. The raccoon only stayed a half a minute and then ambled back into the forest. I suspect he was up past his bedtime!

Imagine all the things that are not in a life drawing! All the stories and miniature dramas, the comings and goings, the alignments and realignments and the movement of the wind and shadows.

I'm always interested in that first moment when a thing or face is recognized and named. I can be looking directly at something and it simply isn't there …not until my noggin recognizes it. The same goes for leavings too I guess. When was that last moment I beheld someone dear… what did they look like? Better in my memory than in a photo. Life's a mystery.

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