Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sketchbook Pages

Recent scans of sketchbook spreads. All this work done at the dam in South Natick or Lake Waban in Wellesley.

A very humid day last Saturday; 7 cormorants were on their favorite perch.

two mallards investigating the cascade of water. This was in a light rain.

mallard stretching wings and trying settle his feathers

mallards walking up the sides of the fish ladder looking for things to eat.

mallard resting on a log (ballpoint pen, wash)

Last Sunday: a view of the island below the dam from the bridge.

A sandpiper

Sandpiper on top of the dam

mallard feeding atop the dam (charcoal, ink wash)

mallard plumage

mallards and sandpipers

looking for food

I love the sinuous bodies of ducks

preening mallard and flowing water

flying mallards

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