Sunday, April 28, 2013


April 20, 2013
charcoal pencil
It's been very sunny and delightful this past week and I've been up early to capture it in my sketchbook. But tonight, I feel like posting a rainy drawing because that is the way I feel. This drawing was made in the rain, on a cold and rainy day. The paper began dissolving and the raindrops blurred my charcoal lines.
Right now, on Sunday night, I don't feel rainy but I think if it were raining, I might feel better than I do.
This feeling will pass, I know it! Spring is springing all around me. Lots to be happy about. Right?


  1. Dear Rob, I am a silent visitor to (?) your blog since years and I am still excited looking at the drawings and read your storys. I mean your texts and pix are wonderful, great work, but this work has not only to do with making drawings for making money, this work has to do with getting deaper involved in life, to awake for sights and sounds, to get in touch with this world, and in the end it has something to do with love. As a drawer en route in a different landscape with a different dialekt of drawing but with the same state of mind, I would say thank you for Robservation, I cant stop learning from you, and may I accept your offer from some posts and call you a friend? This comment is provoked by your sentence: ..but I think if it were raining, I might feel better Than I do. I said this sentence yesterday in german. Best wishes. Klaus
    ps Excuse my english

  2. Thank you Klaus for your heartfelt, beautiful and perceptive appreciation. I hope that my drawings and writings continue to provoke and satisfy you.


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