Monday, February 3, 2014

Under Ice

The island
charcoal, wash
The delicate fringes of ice around the island indicate the gradually falling water level. The ice is lacy, placenta-like, like a jellyfish sinking and rising in warmer waters. Beneath these thin icy skirts percolate dark watery blobs where the flowing waves touch the ice.

I think how good it would be to take a film and just focus on the mesmerizing blobs (like a Lava Lamp!) but I haven't the technology. And, the world is full of so many stimuli that could be more accurately presented as motion and light. But I'm a draftsman and I draw things and freeze the moments. A drawing is only one of an infinite number of perceived moments. The pictures are like the dark blobs forever flowing downstream.
I wonder how many millions of gallons of moments have flowed between the banks of my mind…
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