Thursday, July 24, 2014

For Klaus

Here is a small compendium of drawings of geese (and a few other birds). I've drawn quite a few more over the years.

I hope you like them.

a sleeping swan
mallard and ducklings


not ink (colored pencil)

sepia ink

geese and one swan


Klaus von Mirbach said...

Thanks for this present

Rob Dunlavey said...


Klaus von Mirbach said...

For many years, I am always fascinated by a few books. The titles of all three is literally translated: images from the mustard seed garden. A textbook of old traditional chinese painting. Ink painting. A few brush strokes, a little mascara and a tree standing there. Or a landscape. And now I find this all again in your ink drawings. Geese. Wunderbar.

Rob Dunlavey said...

It has been many years since I studied the Mustard Seed Manual. I shall do it again. How appropriate too with your interest in common plants and weeds!

Rabenschnabel said...


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