Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Say Hello…

tree reflections
It's quite cold and windy today. I made this uncomplicated drawing in 15-20 minutes with gloves on.
I'm trying to face the fact that winter is here. Yeah. I'll offer to take his coat and hang it up and we'll settle in for a few months of discomfort, quietude and icy beauty. The river will continue to flow even when it is covered with ice. Perhaps the ducks will find an ice shelf near the island to shelter from the wind and sleet. Maybe one reason we have winter and why I don't mind it so much is that it whets my appetite for spring —which is only five months away :-0

Ducks on the ice

Ice forming above the dam

Winter encampment
Flowers will bloom again!

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  1. Rob, I have a shortest story to: Some trees. Yesterday I worked with the kids in my kindergarden. 5-6 years. I am there as a kind of drawingteacher and early story telling training. We were drawing for christmas: Snowmen, St. Claus, christmastrees and: angels, and I asked the children: Did you ever see an angel? Answers: No. In television. In books. Angels dont exist in real. They can fly but no man can fly. And then after a short quiet one child said: Sometimes trees are angels. It was absolut quiet, for a moment we all believed that this is totaly true. No one disargued. A great chrismas moment.
    Yes I am waiting also for the spring, everday I go out in our little garden , preparing the garden for spring, that means I am doing a lot of unnessesary tasks. And now, heres my coat and out into the cold. A little bit foogy today. Have a good day, very best wishings.


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