Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Snow flurries

As I was sketching the other morning, snowflakes started to swirl around me. They fell in the pools of black ink in my drawing of the water in front of me.

I had to leave before the ink dried and when I opened up my sketchbook at home, the pools of ink had dried and smeared. It almost ruined the drawing and I thought I should fix those parts that were diluted by the added snow and the blotting that happened while I walked home. But, after reflection, I decided that I liked the result: the finished image displayed the balance between my intelligence (such as it is!) in the world and the world itself. We have détante here between order (such as it is!) and the benign chaos of Nature.

This makes me think of Jackson Pollock who asserted that when made his famous "drip" paintings he became Nature itself. I'm not so sure. But then, I'm not sure of many things. In the end, it's a philosophical question and these, we know, have no answers. Best to just enjoy the ride.

work in progress

ink, crayon, melting snow

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  1. Rob, this drawing is great, snow drawing, wonderful, I like it. The author
    Peter Handke, maybe you know him?, once wrote in one of his note books, that he would like to lay out a blank book in his garden, and the snow itself would write the story from the winter. Happy easter, Rob, best wishes.


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