Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bald Eagle

The past two mornings I've seen a bald eagle in the trees across the river. It's a big male and it looks just like a bald eagle is supposed to look: big dark brown body, a brilliant white head and white tail feathers. Through binoculars I saw its bright yellow talons and beak.

The first time I saw it spiral around looking for something to land on. It carried a long stick in its talons and finally alighted in a tall tree. It must take some trial and error to get a nesting platform built. If he's any good at it, perhaps a Mrs. Bald Eagle will feel inclined to set up house. That would be exciting!

The eagle is just a speck in this drawing

I've circled the eagle in this enlarged snapshot.
The fellow is just too far away to see details with the naked eye. After about 20 minutes of perching here, it rotated slightly forward, had a poop and swooped off upriver.

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