Saturday, September 3, 2016


I saw the crows fly up to the trees when I drove up to the dam today. They don’t normally hang around the park. Then I saw the popcorn scattered on the ground.
The crows busied themselves in the trees until I too was interrupted: a motorist’s car battery had died. I was able to help her (and the crows could finish their breakfast!)

ink, charcoal
Crow in tree
ink, charcoal


Klaus von Mirbach said...

I like this little story. You tell always so small beautiful stories, notes, they mean a lot to me, because I think we all live our lives not as the main character in a great novel, our life is much more fragmented and so your notes, your messages, the whole blog tells something important for me.

Rob Dunlavey said...

Hi Klaus! It's nice to think of the world as a place full of creatures minding their own business in the bushes or baseball stadiums, bumping into each other and exchanging eccentric ideas once in awhile. Hugs!

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