Friday, December 9, 2016

Who Cares?

Here are some drawings from the past week or so. Thanksgiving seems so far away and Christmas is looming. Time speeds too quickly and it's getting cold. And I feel myself entering a bit of a trough. Artists are susceptible to "writer's block" too.

I have so many drawings of this place. Who cares? Why make another one? Maybe I can just walk and store the moments in my soul somewhere. Why must they be in this tangible form?

One of my neighbors mentioned last week how it makes him feel good when he sees me walking home up the street with my drawing supplies in hand. My routine and discipline give him a pleasure and stability perhaps. At lunch today a friend joked that my instagram and facebook friends would be disappointed if I didn't post a drawing or two each day from the river. I guess there's some truth in the idea that we can make a stand in this life. And from that place we wave to the world --or whoever cares a little: "Hey, I'm okay. I'm checking things out and you can too!"
We carry on.
Happiness is my duty! 
(Thanks to Michael Woodcock, colleague and friend for that outstanding idea. You still shine on).

ink wash, chalk
charcoal, wash
charcoal, ink
charcoal, ink


  1. Rob, sometimes, no often , I think that I dont carry on with this blog, with drawing. Who cares all the little drawings on small paper with pencil? And immediatly there is the question: How will you explain it to Rob? What will he think? Carry on, where is my pencil, So Im another neighbour, although far away, evertime I draw I always see you walking home up the street with your drawing supplies in hand and it gives me pleasure and stability. Thank you, I will carry on. Best wishes.

  2. Beautiful statements Klaus. I feel the same about you. Listen: I'm not on this platform (Blogger) so much. I spend more time over at instagram and facebook. If you think I've dropped off the radar screen it's because these other places have absorbed my energies. I'd like to have more interaction with you. :)


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