Friday, February 24, 2017

Sings of Spring

The days are becoming longer and there is a certain quality in the air. It's an attribute that seems to herald the warmer weather of Spring. But for now we just have this "quality": some mist in the air catching the light, tree buds swell just a little more and catching the light in a different way.

And this morning, something very special: the furtive scamperings seen in broken sunlight and newly occupied shadows of a mammal on the island below the dam. I think it was a weasel; it seemed too small and fast to be a fisher cat. What on earth was this fellow doing on the tiny island surrounded by rushing water? I wonder. I saw this same phenomenon 1-2 years ago: a noticed change in the patterns and a suggestion of some contrary indicated motion. A scrambling and frantic wriggling, lithe and purposeful like a fish trying ascend the dam. You should have seen it. Here and gone.

ink, charcoal
ink, charcoal
ink, charcoal

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