Saturday, April 29, 2017


I think that birds are very useful things and I use them liberally in my paintings as actors in my little pictorial dramas. They complain less than people do. So I draw birds. But to draw birds in "capital A" Art, one must draw them as they really are in Nature to become a natural bird drawer. So here is a sheet of quick sketches of grackles in a tree. The artist at work!
The grackle's tail has an interesting way of flattening out as it flies. The tail is long and straight and then it folds itself into a v-shaped fan at the tip. It's a bit sporty. Well, I'm impressed.

Black and White Birds
mixed media


Klaus von Mirbach said...

This way I try to draw the blue tits looking out of my garden window. But they always in such a hurry, picking up some sunflower seeds in the bird feeder and of they are and I am dependent on my fantasy. Bon voyage.

Rob Dunlavey said...

Danke Klaus!

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