Saturday, August 27, 2011

City & Suburb

Boston CIty Hall Plaza, 08-26-11
I found myself in Boston briefly yesterday afternoon and had an hour to fill while my daughter had a  rendezvous with a friend at Faneuil Hall. I could spend all day trying to draw views of the city. If I lived there, I would do topographical renderings of the buildings and spaces.  I don't think I would tire of it at all. But I don't live there. I live close to a river instead.
South Natick Dam, 08-27-11
I draw the river a lot. I was there for over an hour this morning drawing this view of the dam. I love the loud rush of the water and the occasional views of the wildlife have their business below the dam. The heron was in the middle of a circuit around the island and I also spied one of the young mergansers. They are very frisky birds that dive and hunt underwater. I wish I could have included the flock of mallards that zoomed above me to the pool above the dam. They just kept on coming. I wonder if they have premonitions of the impending hurricane?

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