Saturday, October 5, 2013

Catch and Release

The South Natick Dam: this one little place sustains my interest and is just the right size to explore with my pencils and chalk. I know, it's probably very repetitive to you by now. After all, I've made several hundred drawings of it. Perhaps you've stopped visiting my blog because, really, how many times can you see the same old birds and aquatic geometry? Of course, for me, that's the challenge.

I can't add water or wildlife or change the course of the river or the shape of the dam across it. But I can monitor my approach and keep moving forward despite mental blocks or my occasional lack of enthusiasm. You might agree that the real subject is not the mallards or the level of the water. I'm just an angler or lepidopterist trying to catch hold of something unexpected in my very own consciousness or the actual world. And then, catch and release!

A heron prowling at the dam
conté pencil

Mallards and a heron in the shallows just below the dam

Seen through the railing, a mallard looks feeds on top of the inclined wall of the fish ladder
colored pencil

Low water on a chilly morning


  1. Dear Rob, several hundred drawings, many many weeks, the same place, the same motive, only paper and pens, I am always impressed by this process, from your drawings, your stories, but so much I wish to be like you on the road so little I succeed. I succeed only sometimes,for a few days, then it is a great happiness, otherwise my days are too bogged down. Thank you.

  2. I think if we were always successful, on whatever terms we arrange, we would be unhappy and bored. Now, I've been thinking about you and admiring your sketchbooks (on my Pinterest). I wonder if we could collaborate in some way…?

  3. But...that would be great. I mean, it's now a collaboration between us, I look at your blog and somehow it affected me , has an impact on what I do. We all stand on the shoulders of others, you've written some time in one of your blogs. Do you have any idea how we could expand and complement that? I would be very happy if it would succeed.


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