Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting Out!

Reflections above the South Natick Dam
colored pencil | 20 Jan, 2012
We got a little snow last night and somehow I managed to fritter away most of the day inside. I finally yanked myself out and down to the dam for a little respite from the zombie-like state of flitting between computer and social networking chores. You know the feeling I'm sure.

But down here (it's just a ten minute walk from home) there is this wonderful white noise and a breeze and clear blue skies and the very persistent fiery orb in the sky. Hello Sun! Perhaps you know how long this river has been flowing here. It hasn't always had a dam across I know but I do wonder if other creatures worship it as I do. I have traded my silicone glitter for the flash of your prehistoric light off of the moving water.

As I write now, the day has once again been put to bed and the snow glows a dark molten blue. It will smolder all night under the distracted eyes of Orion and other hunters. It's a big world!

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