Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hero or Villain?

A woody stump growing out of a stone wall
colored pencil
What's this: a symbol of tenacious Life cornering and exploiting a mostly-forgotten niche in which to thrive and thumb its nose at the gardener? Or is it a cancer, pell-mell egotistically and slowly killing its host and destroying the wall built by the patient stonemason?

I do not know!


Hazel Terry said...

Just climbing up for some light. cut it doen but plant one somewhere better. (burn the roots to stop it sprouting again. :-D

Rob Dunlavey said...

Yeah, I'm with you Hazel. Basically. I like the standoff between the plant and the disinterested town workers as presented here.
I'll get some more drawings of it once the weather warms up and it sends out new shoots and leaves.

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