Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Silk Mill Dam

A view of the Charles River and the mill buildings at Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts.
Feb. 4, 2012
The Silk Mill Dam in Newton Upper Falls is a two-tiered affair with the water cascading over the initial edge and then off of a shelf below. You can see the side channel (is this what is called a millrace?) to the left of the main flow.

Below this dam, the Charles River enters Hemlock Gorge with its steep banks and stately hemlock trees (this is a public reservation with parking available for hikers and picnickers). A beautiful stone bridge, called "Echo Bridge" soars over the intimate gorge. The sensitive acoustics under the arching span are quite remarkable. It would be interesting to sing or play a musical instrument underneath it. Maybe on Halloween night or when it's foggy…!

Click here for a map.

Echo Bridge (photo by Doug Cornelius)

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