Monday, January 14, 2013

Goodbye Blue Mondays

Some Geese, Charles River
blue chalk
14 Jan 2013

The Pleasant Street Bridge
blue chalk
14 Jan 2013

Some mornings I just need to get out of the house and go to the South Natick dam to think, or not-think: whatever is most needed. I always take my sketchbook of course and I frequently grab my pencil case that is full to bursting with a revolving cast of crayons, pencils, sticks of charcoal and pens. Sometimes I stuff a bottle of ink --of indeterminate parentage and a few paintbrushes into that pencil case.

They say it's good to have options. If the muse has a prior commitment as I stare down the subject at hand sometimes a new tool helps the work get started more congenially. Today, instead of the usual cornucopia, I only took two items: a stubby black litho pencil that stayed in my pocket, and a piece of blue chalk. Chalk: the kind used to draw on the sidewalk or on a blackboard. The muse brooded, showed her wares and I did her bidding without too much dithering or chit-chat. These two quick drawings are the result of this collaboration.

Variety IS the spice of life and I see now as I tidy up this blog post, that the sun has emerged.
Have a good and productive week friends!

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