Friday, February 8, 2013


The South Natick Dam in winter
30 Jan. 2013
ice and open water
6 Feb. 2013
ice bound driftwood
graphite & digital color
8 Feb. 2013
A "superstorm" is approaching and we have been anticipating it for a day or two. No surprises. Sure thing! A few minutes ago I was down at the river and even though it's premature, I did see a few microscopic snowflakes swirling here and there.

So this morning, Life has that weird suspended quality while we wait for the blizzard to land and settle in. Schools and businesses have been cancelled. The trains, buses and international airport will be shut down this afternoon. It's just another day at the office for the first-responders.

My teenaged daughters got to sleep late this morning and my wife has a series of conference calls instead of going to her office-hive. Since I work at home, there are few changes in my day except the interruptions of family and snow-management chores. If the weather gets bad enough and the power goes out, I'll blog by candlelight.

Was it yesterday that I was enthusing about how winter was on the run and the groundhog was looking for its shadow? This, mes chers amis, is winter. Stay warm and check on you friends from time to time.

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