Saturday, March 30, 2013


From above the dam, South Natick
conté pencil
29 March 2013
And now I feel certain that Spring has arrived. Her limo is parked outside on the tarmac. She will emerge any minute. Relief and anticipation are evident in the expectant crowd. I see it in the way the leafless willow twigs sway and sparkle. It's absurdly obvious in the masses of crocuses which have been working quietly and selflessly on our behalf for weeks now (they sigh "now do you see?"). I saw a large fish swimming in the shallows in the low raking sunlight (can the fishermen be far behind?). I like the reality of Easter rather than the story of Easter. And these statements directly from the source drown out all powerful and comely mythologies that humanity has written over the ages.
The sun is out there: seek it!

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