Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Goose God

I saw a pair of Canada Geese at the park above the river a few days ago; it's much diminished buffet. But each day the snow melts and reveals a bit more of this late winter's gruel: a mixture of thin, sere bluegrass and in the nearby water, a bit of appetizing algae floating by and free for the taking. There must be more variety available somewhere because the geese seem happy enough –not that I could tell one way or the other.

We have been discouraged from feeding the migratory waterfowl and I do support that management practice. But I also want to make the geese's lives a little easier. Maybe knit them some mittens for their feet or  accidently drop a few unwanted pieces of hardened bread, —like manna perhaps?

Oh, the human urge to play God! A god for geese even! Did I put food in my refrigerator yesterday or is it all manna? It's all a matter of your basic perspective isn't it?

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