Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching Up

Carved Bird from a Looking Glass
I saw this creature at the Museum of Fine Arts while preparing my notes for a tour about early American furniture designs.

Silver Coffeepots (Philadelphia Boston, circa 1780)

The Charles River floods in South Natick

The Pleasant Street Bridge
The arches are covered halfway by the river.

The Charles River: the island below the dam
The island is completely submerged.
The South Natick Dam
The squiggly thing is a log which I drew in more detail below.

Canada Geese on a large log above the dam
This log was dislodged during the latest storms and is moving very slowly to the top edge of the dam. The geese don't seem to mind.

The river is still very full and flooded.

Looking up toward the dam
I drew this yesterday. For many days this stone retaining wall has been underwater. Its surface is now scoured and whitewashed with silt.

The ocean at Reid State Park in Bath, Maine
After driving our daughter to Camp Arcadia, we spent a few days with in-laws in southern Maine. Summer has officially started.

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