Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

A swift soars over the rushing river
June 12, 2013
colored pencil
There has been a great deal of rain this June and the Charles River has spilled over its banks. This added excitement has brought out the swifts which are insect-eating swallow-like birds. They dip and soar above the torrent, cascade and pool gobbling up newly hatched bugs. So, not only is there a flood of water, there is also a flood of life. The birds are busy feeding their ravenous babies who are tucked away in safe nests in backyard thickets and tangles.

I was reading in the backyard yesterday and observed a wren flitting to and from its birdhouse under a tree, Each time, the sun was just so that as it made each turn for home, I could see the lacy-winged insect in its beak. The babies seemed to know what would come next and they shouted their approval. I even hear them now early on this Sunday morning: it is Father's Day. There are tweets and songs and then there is the urgent chorus of hungry baby birds which stops as soon as it starts. Their chorus serves a purpose: "Me first! Don't forget me! I AM the center of the universe and you are my father/mother. Your life only has meaning in how well you serve me until I have no more need of this service." And then you can do it all over again!

Happy Father's Day Dad, wherever you are. Thank you!

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