Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rising Waters

The water is rising. The ice is melted. There have been substantial rains… and more is on the way. After this winter I have no sense of what the summer will be like. Whatever happens, I'll document the effects here at the river. Thank you for checking in.

 03/31/14 charcoal
This is an odd picture… This is a view over the top of the dam. A log is stranded at the lip and water cascades over it. The island is still visible on the right; the bridge can be seen at the  top of the drawing.

A few days later: the river has risen above the retaining walls. It's early morning and the trees on the submerged island cast shadows across the  black water and white foam as they hurtle downstream to the ocean.

04/04/14 conté pencil
The river level has risen a bit more. The grassy park is flooded and the water laps here the way it would at the shore. The water in the river however, makes a familiar rushing sound. I take the watery white noise for granted but there is a little something extra today. 
04/05/14 charcoal
The big logs stranded at the top of the dam might stay there all summer. I hope so. Some of them will sprout foliage and ducks will perch on them once the weather warms up. Stay tuned. I'll draw them too!

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