Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's Sunday…

It's Sunday morning and I can draw the river while standing on the Pleasant Street bridge. From Monday to Saturday it's too narrow and busy with cars to draw comfortably. But early on a Sunday morning it's just me, the sun and mist, a few fishermen and the exquisite angles and oddments of the river below the dam. You can see the fish ladder in the upper right corner. To it's left are two sluice gates which can be opened in the event of flood (I presume) or some other emergency or river maintenance.

I was initially most attracted to the small island in the lower left corner. It's a challenge to draw tangles of vegetation and different layers of variously illuminated screens of tree branches and leaves. It's all about composition and transparency and overlapping textures.

I hope you can get out and observe Nature today.

The Charles River, South Natick, Massachusetts
June 1, 2014

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