Friday, July 18, 2014

Armenian Heritage Park

The Armenian Genocide Memorial
Last weekend, I toured the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway linear park in downtown Boston. The winding parkway is comprised of a series of gardens, spaces, fountains and paths that have blossomed in the wake of the depression of the Central Artery (I-93) that separated the waterfront and North End from the rest of the city. It was a beautiful afternoon and many locals and tourists were out enjoying the city.

Near the parkway's northern terminus is the Armenian Heritage Park.

The sculpture is the fascinating yet quiet and peaceful focal point. Here's the story behind its design:
The idea for the 12-sided sculpture came from a stacking geometric toy [Donald] Tellalian [chief architect and designer of the park] found in a gift shop in Rome in the mid-1960s. The shape’s property of coming apart and nesting in different configurations seemed to him a perfect metaphor for immigrants pulled from their birth communities and forced to reshape lives in a new country. To dramatize this dynamic process, the sculpture, which has 32 possible forms, will be re-configured annually. source
More information on the Memorial

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