Sunday, June 21, 2015


The Island, Summer
In addition to studying Fine Art in college, I also minored in Botany. I studied taxonomy and basic morphology and participated in botanical and ecological fieldwork. The ink drawing above is not a scientific drawing of plants. Rather, it's an artistic meditation on fecundity and the visual texture it creates.

When making landscape pictures, there is always a decision to be made regarding detail: how much? Is it accurate? Do more details show greater mastery of the Art-making process? Will more details ruin a perfectly good drawing? When does observation topple over into Art —and vice versa?

From the very beginning, this picture of the island's vegetation was not meant to be observation. It was meant to be Art. I am an artist after all! And the paradox is that the more Artless  your Art is, the better Art it is. One small consolation is that it all begins with observation. So there!

Here are a few more recent drawings from last week.




  1. Rob, The Iceland, Summer
    06-18-2015, wonderful, great. I often think about these questions. Sometimes I draw situations more illustrative and then there are these more free, informal drawings. And I can not say, that I am the one who decides how I draw the subjects. Maybe the subject decides how to draw it? And then sometimes I'm angry with myself because I mean, I had to finally decide how I draw. What stile is it? Do you know that feeling too? Gerhard Richter is not my favorite artist, but that he paints these totally photorealistic images and then totally abstract paintings, that's great. How does he do that, both possibilities of images to work on. When I work some hours in my garden, looking at plants, I had to draw what happened in an artistic way. And walking through town, looking at people , houses , cars my drawing comes out illustrativ. Rob, I was pleased to see this picture of you, of a draftsman, artist whom I appreciate very much. And for the botanist Rob: the mulleins, four pieces, just blooming in my garden. Very best wishes.

  2. Hi Klaus--mullein is one of my favorite plants. However we draw, there is Love just below the surface.
    I thin Gerhard Richter is a genius. He is not a clown and his works touch so many ideas. In the end, perhaps, we are the victors because what we choose to love and draw are available to everyone.


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