Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Drawing from the Bridge

 Last Sunday, I was drawing from on top of the Pleasant Street bridge. Downstream was a pavement of preening, dabbling and squabbling mallards. They work through a limited series of positions like ballerinas: preening feathers, diving and bobbing, napping, etc. The result is familiar yet varied and interesting to observe.

Visible from the upstream side of the bridge was a Great Blue Heron who was an exhibitionist. I was able to make four drawings before I had to get back home.

my (bad) first drawing
brush & ink

my second sheet of drawings
brush & ink

My third drawing: a little better
(the "ink" is a witch's brew of various inks and paint of questionable origin)

the fourth drawing I did in pencil because the ink had to dry before I walked home.
colored pencil

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  1. Autumn. This morning I made a rainy walk. Dark, foggy and cloudy, inside and outside. Crows in the sky. I had no desire to draw en route. You're right, we need to remember the bright, colorful, sunny moments of the summer. On my way home, a dead fox was lying on the roadside. Run over by a car. A small, young fox. I did not know, that there are foxes here where we live. I wish, I could see one alive, maybe crossing my way, or walk a while with me. Time for fairy tales, books with a lot of pics. Best wishes.


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