Thursday, August 13, 2015

Late Summer

We have a very healthy mallard population this summer… just in case you were worried and the question keeps you up at night. I also counted a pair of kingfishers this morning. A solitary and generally agreeable swan and two hyperactive sandpipers round out the cast of characters that congregate at the South Natick Dam in late Summer. There, I said it: "late Summer." That makes me wince a little. You?

The farmer's field grows a granola mix of herbs now instead of lush grasses: chicory, dock, clover and crabgrass. If he bales it, will the cows and horses like it in January and March when the snow circles around like some wild stray animal.

I also hear the steady drone of crickets and at night, frogs and screech owls. My backyard badger looks quite fit. The garden has survived his presumed predations; we did see it eating a green apple the other evening. We said hello to the Perseid meteors last night. This reminds me of the pleasures of star and meteor gazing from a still-warm wooden dock in mid-August. Can you hear the languid water lapping, lazy slapping, dripping? We should save these warm memories for the cold nights ahead.

paint stick, crayon

paint stick, crayon

litho crayon

Swan and two ducks

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