Wednesday, November 25, 2015


This blog is called ROBSERVATIONS  because my name is Rob and I see things in my nature travels that I think are cool. Just for the record, at this small place on the Charles River near my home I have seen some interesting creatures:
  • American Osprey, Otter, Muskrats, Raccoons, Red Fox, Snapping Turtles, Carp, Trout, Frogs, snakes, small turtles, small fish, Mallards, Mergansers, Cormorants, Canada Geese, Swans, Sandpipers, Squirrels, Green Herons, Great Blue Herons, Red Tail Hawks, Kingfishers, small birds, crayfish… lots of people and dogs. I'm probably forgetting a few…
This Thanksgiving holiday I am grateful for the farsighted people who act to set aside and preserve bits of the natural world. It's terribly important.

Monday: common mergansers above and a great blue heron below.

Monday's heron

Tuesday: the island. Missing in this drawing is an otter (!) that I saw swimming across the current to the island. It slithered ashore and disappeared over the opposite side.
pink chalk

Wednesday: ice is starting to creep in from the shores. No animals except commuters nearby going to work in their cars. The air is very cold. This is drawn in blue ink. Looking upriver over the dam.

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