Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Heron

The water is low in the river so that means that the Great Blue Heron is active and always somewhere nearby. Flocks of ducks dabble in the riffles and preen on top of the dam. It's like old times!
Soon, it'll be hurricane season and who knows what will happen!
A Great Blue Heron seen through an arch
charcoal, rainwater
Great Blue Heron silhouette below the dam

Great Blue Heron hunting at the base of the dam
colored pencil

Friday, September 13, 2013



Three mallards

low water + rocks = ducks

ducks in the rain 1

ducks in the rain 2

Saturday, September 7, 2013


floating leaf in the river
colored pencil
This is not a very interesting drawing but let me tell you about it: I was at the river yesterday morning, standing at the railing watching a leaf floating toward the edge before falling over the dam. Upstream, the calm flowing water was ringed by ripples of small fish rising as they hunted for food on the surface. Below, kissed by the morning sun, lush tendrils of seaweed undulated in the current. The fish were very busy and making many ripples but I could never spot an actual fish.

My gaze shifted back to the leaf but was recaptured by the active fish. For a second, I thought I saw a large dark fish silhouetted just below the surface. After a few seconds, realizing that the phantom shape was only the after-image of the leaf and not a fish, I decided to draw this subtle experience.

It made me wonder about the realities we make by wishing for something dear. The figment alters our perceptions. Of course. the altering of reality is a time-honored method of leap-frogging the quotidian and acquiring insight. However, the rushing back of reality doesn't deny the wish, it gently corrects and illuminates the wisher. Maybe this is a small gift. I was wishing for fish, like Dr. Seuss!

When I'm at the dam then, listening to the white noise and watching for wildlife, a quiet wish animates my stillness. And if I tell you what I'm wishing for, superstition tells me that it won't ever come true. Oh! The burden of wishes! I wish that my wish would come true soon!

Thanks for listening to my harmless musing. I wish you a bonne journée!
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