Friday, January 8, 2016


reflections & path
In my odd moments I'm assembling a catalog of last year's Observations. I tried to winnow it to "the best." I tried to organize it by theme. The only strategy that made sense to me was to assemble them chronologically: January 1, 2015 to December 30, 2015 (I was traveling on the 31st). The drawings are in the order that I made them and in the order of the year's days, one following the other. 368 in the book so far. Yes, it's self-indulgent. Obviously.

Threads emerge and then get set aside. Animals come and go. While they are there, they seem like they will stay forever. There's always something unique happening --even when nothing seems to be changing or happening.

I attend to it all and I find it so pleasurable and interesting. If I get this catalog to market, you'll agree that it's quite repetitive and not very original. Then again, you may find that it's possible to go deeper and still find oneself no more enlightened. What a paradox --or just evidence of my imbecility! At least there is value in doing self-evidently pleasurable things.

Like a tree, I love the sun and the rain. Birds can live in my branches. Please! Come live in my branches and harvest my acorns! All nature is some sort of mirror. Look and be fed.

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